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Indira Agrotech

Indira Agrotech is a private limited company founded in 2016 to join hands with thousands of people to establish a sustainable technology based Sustainable agriculture.

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Agriculture is the lifeline of the human race. It not only provides food but also livelihood, not just for farmers but also to everyone involved in this life chain. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), there will be a huge demand for the agricultural products in order to feed the 9.6 billion people going to inhabit the planet by 2050. To tackle this, the volume of food production must increase by at least 70% from the current status. Thus our country needs immediate attention to address this issue to maximize production from limited resources with the support of huge man power available in India.

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We at Indira Agrotech realizing the importance of this value chain, pitch a self-sustainable model for cooperating farming. Further, we believe that it is a fundamental right to have access to Sustainable food products at a reasonable cost by practicing the nature-friendly traditional agriculture practices supported with state-of-the-art sustainable technologies. To achieve this, Indira Agrotech will join hands with thousands of people, including farmers and Scientists, to be a part of this new era of green revolution. Thus Indira Agrotech will be a representative of the Indian visionary population for eco-friendly agricultural practices and safe Sustainable food products.

indira agrotech,indira agro,indiraagrotech,indira agro tech,,,indira agro

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  • Creating a platform for cooperative Sustainable farming by mass cultivation of field crops.

  • Supporting farming and Farmers by practicing self-sustainable Agro-based technologies.

  • Addressing the quality food-based needs of a larger community in India by building a value-chain.


  • Creating awareness among the public, including children concerning Sustainable agriculture by means of educational visits and workshops.

  • Supporting farming and Farmers by practicing self-sustainable Agro-based technologies.

indira agro,indira agro,indiraagro,indira agro tech,,,indira agro


  • Creating an ecosystem of public participation in the Agriculture industry.

  • Conducting Sustainable farming practice, guided by science and technology.

  • Protecting agricultural lands and farmers by massive cooperative farming.

  • Building the value chain for viable economic opportunities.

  • Establishing a self-sustained community that will represent the Visionary model for the Indian Society