Farm One

► 1/4 acres / 25 cent agriland one farm unit.

► 50 % returns of cultivation as rice to farm owners.

► Providing 300 kg of rice for each unit owners every from registration year or equivalent value if the farm unit owner lives outside tamilnadu post 18 months.

► Buy back of farm units from the land owners after three years and providing minimum gurantee / market rate for the farm units.

► Lease back the farm units for 15 years by registered lease deed.

► Selling the farm units to different land owners and creating a cooperative farming community.

► Develop proper infrastructure and irrigation facility to each farm units.

► Setup and develop country breed cows for creating natural and hereditary system of agriculture.

► Appointing professionals and experienced farmers for cultivation process.

► Proper post harvest operations and distribution system for delivery of harvested products.



Villupuram District - Tindivanam Taluk - Kadavambakkam Village - Avanipur